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We understand that studying abroad for the first time can be a challenge. To ensure you have a smooth landing at your destination, EDU – World provides for a host of support services. These services are provided to offer a convenient one-stop facility to all students and our support services include help with procuring Educational Loans, Foreign Exchange, Student Insurance, Travel Ticketing, Extra Baggage, Accommodation Assistance, pick up from the airport once you land at your destination and more.

Our service

  • Intensive English Course visa
  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean Intensive Course visa
  • International secondary schools Information and choice, visa
  • About vocational education choice, visa
  • Advice and services on Bachelor's and Master's program, visa
  • Short and medium term student exchange, visa
  • Student visa application processing, visa
  • Business visa application processing, visa
  • Tourist visa application processing, visa
  • Family visa

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