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Welcome to Edu-Help Company.

When our company was first established, we were study our students only in Korea, USA, and Australia, and now we successfully studied our students in intensive language course and all kinds of majors of reputable universities over 160 nations such as Schengen, Singapore, Philippine, China, Japan, Korea, Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia and USA.                                    

Quality education is one of the leading orientations of the Mongolian development strategy.

Company introduction

The main activities of the "Edu Help" international education agency are to educate Mongolian students on high quality education at world-class universities.

Our company is in partnership with over 50 universities in China, Singapore, Japan, India, Korea, UK, Canada, Australia and USA. We are fully providing condition that involve our students in scholarship depending on their social supply, work and training achievements, and we continue to extend our relationship with our client universities.

In selecting our cooperative schools, we considered success, competitiveness, and number of jobs for graduates.

Today, the young people in Mongolia are standing in front of a very important choice of life. There are many branches in front of our young people and our company will be your best assistant to find your right direction and make the right decision and right choices to make you a world-class expert.


Contribute to prepare well educated young people who are competitive in worldwide.


  • Give true information, discuss about study in which country and what kind of major is more sustainable for that student and be a close helper to make a right decision to students who are planning to study abroad.
  • Provide the condition to study internationally accredited universities which prepare competitive in worldwide professionals and to do internships by occupation in those nation’s biggest companies.
  • Train students at foreign reputable universities and colleges by popular majors in Mongolia and prepare skilled and educated young people who contribute in Mongolian future development when return to Mongolia.

Our motto

The educated citizen - Mongolian future

Direction of operation

  • Going to study you in language course, bachelor, master and doctoral degree at foreign colleges and universities.
  • Give professional information for the people who want to study abroad and travel.
  • Travel

Our service

  • Intensive English Course visa
  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean Intensive Course visa
  • International secondary schools Information and choice, visa
  • About vocational education choice, visa
  • Advice and services on Bachelor's and Master's program, visa
  • Short and medium term student exchange, visa
  • Student visa application processing, visa
  • Business visa application processing, visa
  • Tourist visa application processing, visa
  • Family visa

Address: 1503, UBH Center, front of the Mongolian National University of Education, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: (+976) 7011-6105, 89-011-011

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