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Japan is an island nation surrounded by the ocean. 75% of Japan's land area is a mountainous region, with a beautiful nature and warm climate. Japan is a country of ancient history and is a Budo (fighting art), Kado (Ikebana, floral art), Shyodo (a brush writing art) Kabuki (Japanese classical drama) as well as many world heritage sites. The tourists' legs are uninterrupted throughout the world. Last year it was recognized as a strong economic empire in the world. Animated cartoon, comic, computer game, film art are in the world attention.

Education system of Japan

The Japanese school education is starts with kinder garden, primary and secondary school (6 years), middle school (3 years) and then high school (3 years). Further, the University, Short-term University and the Vocational School are the educational institution that enrolls high school graduated student in Japan (or a person who has materials that indicate have high or higher knowledge of a high school student). Each academic year and the content of the training are different.

New academic year (without some places) starts in April. Because of this, most exams are taken for enrollments, so carefully plan your program.

University features /Institute that gives education after diploma/

The four-year course university has a faculty structure. There are lots of branches such as Humanitarian Studies (Faculty of Literature, Faculty of Foreign Languages), Social Studies (Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Management) Natural Science Studies (Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Agriculture, etc.) and the faculties are divided into branch offices (English Literature branch and Economics branch etc.). For the institute that gives education after diploma, depending on that study and branch awarded the master's degree, doctoral degree and professional degree.

The university is generally able to graduate with a total of 124 credits for a four-year period and graduated with a "Bachelor's" degree. For the subject content, taught various branch subjects that do not belong to the faculty or study. And it divided by general knowledge lessons, foreign language lessons, health and physical science education lessons, basic education lessons and vocational education lessons.

In other words, the university is a field to combines professional science and arts, teaches the wide range of culture and breeding, developing intelligent flail and preparing pragmatic knowledge and skills.

In recent years, universities are increasingly paying attention to the preparation of specialists who are able to work in a practical and professional way. In addition to enroll Japanese universities, there is a high level of test for Japanese students. Currently, the number of enrollments is low. The test is a bit difficult.

Short-term university features

Short-term universities have a non-faculty structure. It divides such as Humanitarian Studies (Japanese Literature, English Literature Class), Social Studies (Business Class, Secretary Class, etc.), Culture Studies (Culture and Breeding class, International Culture Studies Class), Industrial Studies ( Auto machine Class, Equipment and Electrical Class), Nursing Studies (Nursery Class, Treatment Production Produce Class), Educational Studies (Kids Educational Class, Child Care Class). The goal is to get the knowledge equally that is useful in real life and work.

The short-term university has a 2-year term, and the Treatment Technology and the Nursery Class have a maximum of 3 years. Credit Requirement to Graduate is above 62 (If course duration is 3 years, over 93). When you graduate, you will get a degree /Graduating a short-term university/. After graduating a short-term university, it is possible to directly entry to 4th course of university.

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