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Educational system

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August 3, 2018 12 hours 24 minutes

The Australian Qualification Framework-The AQF system is an Australian education system.

Colleges from VET, Universities and Master's in general education are carried out in the same way as the education system in 12 countries.



The advantages of AQF are to prepare graduates to graduate degrees.

(RPL- Equivalents of previous scores are calculated on the next level.)

It is possible to change the timing of the training period and transfer it to the following levels. The Australian High School Certificate is eligible for admission to any country and admitted to the following levels of higher education.

Each school (PRL) is different and varies depending on the applicant's requirements and requirements.

It also makes it easier to define the level of students in each country.

The foreign employer provides employment based on the degree to which the certificate has been obtained.

AQF provides a variety of options for the students to choose their occupations. AQF is designed to provide job skills, helping to improve the future of life.



The AQF is classified as a high school education, vocational training, and university education.

Certificates and Diplomas are set for each.

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