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study in Australia opportunity increased for mongolian students

2018 оны 7-р сарын 23    17 цаг 56 минут


The three most visited countries from every corner of the world are the United States, Great Britain and Australia. For the last ten years, these three countries have been the only ones in the world to compete in the first three positions, and have competed in each other.


However, the competition has left the American Universities and Colleges far behind. Every year, foreign students come to study one million.


For the Britons who are both European and British to the top of their education system, they spend 20 billion pounds each year from foreign students from around the world. Australians decided to compete equally with American and English competitors in the last ten years by increasing their number of scholarships to foreign students in the 2018-2019 academic year, which is unlikely to be preferred by the governing British universities.


The University of Oxford, Wales, and the University of Scotland's top universities in education have complained that their country's National Education Council has been working hard to ease the demands of foreign students and to solve some of the difficulties they face in obtaining visas as Australian competitors have been expanding their program for international students. is directly related to the decision. From this perspective, the business of international students in the world of education will continue to compete with each other in the United States, Australia, and Australia.


A few students from Australia, including Mongolia, are studying in Australia, and it is a good idea to decide on the number of scholarships offered to foreign students for Mongolian students who are planning to attend the academic year.


To date, scholarships from international universities to IELTS are 5.5-6.5 for IELTS and TOEFL for 100 or more. Source: CNN, BBC

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