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2018 оны 7-р сарын 21    14 цаг 04 минут

Amity Education Group


July 21, 2018 14 hours 04 minutes

Amity Education Group

The Amity Education Group is one of the world's top 20 years of experience. The Amity School in Singapore offers the Industry Management program created by a world-renowned teaching teacher. Benchmarking's latest global teaching methodology is a great program for training content programs, starting a professional career, and speeding up Fast-Track techniques.

 Amity is a leader in the education sector and the business world that combines theoretical and practical expertise with a number of experienced teachers and leaders who are in the business world. This is the beginning of your success. The Amity School's premise, Tanglin, is located in Kay Siang Roa, on the street of the Diplomatic Representatives Embassy in Singapore or Kay Siang Roa, where the city campus is located in the National Library Building, Singapore's Arts, Culture and Entertainment Center. Amity intends to educate all students in the international community for never-ending educational trips and to prepare for a future world champion tomorrow. Some students said, "Why should I go to Amity today? " The answer is that everybody wants to get out of those around him. Amity provides internationally accredited education in collaboration with cooperative universities.




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